Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flying swans

In my beautiful flower blog, I mentioned about how swans flying make me smile. I guess this is an obsession that started when I was younger. As children we would visit the wildfowl and wetland trust at Slimbridge to feed the swans. Now an old married woman, me and Mr Wellydog are members and still enjoy going to feed and photograph these beautiful birds.

I did a fantastic art day there a couple of years ago,
learning to study and draw wetland birds. I of course drew and painted swans.
I enjoyed looking at the structure of the birds and I learnt a bit of therory about how they fly. There is something about how pure and graceful they look when floating on the water, but if you have ever seen them take off then they are so funny and clumsy, they make me laugh, so now everytime I see one flying over, I am reminded of how silly they look when taking off and landing and so it makes my day and makes me Smile : )


  1. they are lovely, there are swans on the canal here, and I love to see them floating serenely by. When they have cygnets it's funny to see the parents threatening dogs or people who get too close to the edge!

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