Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Shark's Tale

With the snow coming down, then I am drawn towards those holiday brochures again. We are not sure if we can have a holiday this year as there is uncertainty about my job, but that really doesn't stop me looking. It makes me feel warm just looking at the pictures of the sunny, sandy beaches. And I dream of Cocktails and warm lazy days.

My Favourite destination is the Maldives I am lucky enough to have been a few times but just can't wait to get back. We had been thinking we would do a tour and follow it by a beach holiday, maybe in Thailand or Sri-Lanka. I sort of want the adventure but when it comes to looking at the beach resorts, I get a bit down thinking we wont be on those fantastic, sandy, secluded, small Islands in the Indian Ocean.
Paradise Swirl

I keep telling my husband I need to go back for inspiration. I am still working on a range of Maldives inspired pieces. Paradise is of course very obvious as it literally is based on the view from the window of our beach hut. But swirls, not so clear. It is based on the movement of the ripples in the water, when a sharks tail flips as they turn in the water. Yes!! I was brave enough to get into the water with real life sharks.

..........but I will let you into a secret ....if you promise not to tell anyone..... Shhhh....

They are only about 18 inches long... The lagoon around the islands are very shallow, and the baby sharks patrol them as its not safe for them to go over the reef's edge, incase big brothers or sisters eat them. They are really sweet at that size, but they are more curious that the larger ones and come very close to your feet if you keep still.

Its a different story with the big ones. I was sat over the waters edge once and a huge one ( at least 5ft) swam underneath my feet. I jumped and he was off like a shot, I think he was as scared by my feet as I was by his teeth, but that seemed fair to me. It may seem scary, but when we were first going, I looked into how safe it was to be in the water and apparently statistically you are more likley to be injured by toast, than anything in the water. So I just avoid the toast and eat croissants instead.


  1. Ooh Maldives. We had our honeymoon there and absolutely loved it. Got as far as far as looking at those little sharks ... but have a major fishy-phobia so couldn't bear to actually go in the sea ... I'm such a chicken!!

  2. What Island did you go to? I was a bit freaked out at first but now love to snorkel, helped having lessons

  3. oh if only it looked like this outside my window!!!...I think I might nip to the travel agents tomorrow now :) x x