Monday, February 15, 2010

Anyone for Cocktails!!!!!!!

What’s your favourite cocktail?...........
Mines a WooWoo!!!!
I've always been a bit partial to a nice afternoon siesta with a Big cocktail in my hand. Of course it goes without saying its best served on a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach!!! I always love going on holiday in order to justify having far to many, What is it they say? Sun Sea and Sangria!!! or in my case whatever takes my fancy!

Recipe for a WooWoo.................

Put ice in the glass

Add a splash of peach schnapps (archers).

Then pour in a fair size gulp of vodka.

Mix it together with cranberry juice to taste just the way you like it!! You can tell I don't really do measures!! can't you????

Then to make it extra sweet, sit and relax and soak up the sun!!! That really is my perfect idea of a great holiday afternoon!
What's your favourite tipple on Holiday?????
Now thats got me in the mood I think I'm off to try and plan this years sunshine break X


  1. Woowoo - I first read that as Woo hooo !!! Great name for a cocktail :)

    Sounds lovely. I once had one called a Nut Cake from a place in Leeds which was absolutely gorgeous. All kinds of sweet nutty stuff I've never seen it again but I always check the menus to see if its on. :)

  2. Sounds interesting, not had nuts in cocktails !