Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen RIP

I know there are lots of tributes today on peoples blogs and twitter for Lee McQueen who sadly passed away today.

I just wanted to add a personal note on how he influenced me as an Art student. My work was very dominated at the time with body image. I felt as a large woman I was not considered beautiful, and I explored that vigorously in my work. When I saw Amiee Mullins, modeling for Alexander McQueen with specially made wooden carved legs, in 1998 I thought here was a Genius and instantly connected with his work. Although I could never match his style or talent I felt he gave me permission to be who I was both personaly and artistically and to fight against stereotypes.
I was hugely influenced by many people, Jenny Saville and Nick Lowe amongst them, but I feel it was Lee McQueen that was responsible for my artist development for the rest of my study years.
Bless him and I hope he is at peace now x

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