Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flags out

I need to put the flags out, my 23 year old ( nearly 24) is leaving home!!
How heartless am I??? I love him dearly but it really is time he left. He needs his own space and we need ours, or should I say........ I need his room!!!!!

Yes when he finally has gone and a suitable time has lapsed ( I am trying to appear sensitive) his room, will become the spare room, and then I can have the smaller room for my craft room Yipeee!!!!!!!!

I am sooo excited, I have been planning this since we moved into the house nearly 6 years ago. I have had plenty of time to thing about this.... I can have my sewing machine permanently out, I will be able to have a new jewellery area with all my tools and materials close at hand, no more having to scramble under desks and in the back of cupboards to find all my bits and pieces.

I can't wait.........


  1. Congratulations! I waited 2 weeks to move into my step-sons old room, well, took me that long to clean it properly, it was disgusting! It's just a dumping ground atm, haven't got round to getting furniture so everything's just on the floor, but it's mine!

  2. Awah, I just read about Smelly Welly, I had a black lab called Gelert when I was little and he was nick named smelly Gelly bless.
    If your good at names have a look at my blog as I am doing a giveaway to find a new name for my blog and business, you could win a beautiful handmade bag!
    Emma x