Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have just been reminded by my friends at Folksy that it will be Mothers day soon, that got me to thinking about what I have available that would be suitable for a mum, I have the flower necklace with matching earrings which is quite apt really, as the mould for this necklace came from an old glass button that was in my mothers button box. I love button boxes and rummaging through them, I recently sorted through mine and came across some brilliant glass buttons and some fantastic buckles.

I don't remember my mum very well as she died when I was 17, but I do remember her clothes. She made most of her own clothes an ours. Of course as a teenager I hated that all my friends went to shops and bought their clothes and I had home made, but now I appreciate the skill she must have had, as I would come home and say I wanted the newest style and in a week I would have a copy. I wish I had taken note and picked up some tips, but that being a teenager for you!!! My sister has similar skills we were only discussing recently how different we are in the way we create, She uses patterns and what she produces is very skilled and perfectly executed. But me I can't follow a pattern for toffee. I just grab some material and make it up as I go along, the only trouble is I can only ever make one, and its never that neat and tidy. I made a handbag recently and I love it but the straps were not quiet long enough, I want to make another but I have now idea how I made the first one.


  1. I was the same with my Great Grandmother I used to spend every holiday with her. she was in service most of her life and had so many skills, she taught me so much from sewing to baking and cooking but to my shame I have forgotten alot of the things she taight me such as her beautiful drawn thread lace work. I hope she would be proud of what I am doing now.

  2. Great Blog. I'm following you here and on Twitter! ( I don't know what I'm doing there either!)