Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unusual visitors and vouchers

This little chat came visiting today, He waddled up to my studio, stood on one leg for a while, shook himself them marched off to the car park and into the fields beyond. I knowingly told everyone he was grouse, but I am not 100% sure, so perhaps you can let me know if you know better.

It was very quiet at the centre this weekend, but we are hoping it will be better next weekend as we have a craft show, for Made in Weston, We are all hosting a Pumpkin hunt as well for the children which should be fun, so if you are in the area, pop by.

For one of my workshops I had to produce a card for a gentleman, whose granddaughter has bought him the workshop for his birthday present. After that was sorted I thought I would do a Sample Xmas one that several of you have suggested ( great idea thanks). I was really pleased how it came out and had one person very interested already, its only when I uploaded the photos I realised my spelling mistake, Opps.

Hopefully it should make a good present for someone and maybe help with my bookings.

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  1. Lovely idea. I wished I lived nearer I would come and visit your studio.