Monday, October 24, 2011

Because your worth it....

I have always been a L'Oreal girl, probably from my days as a hairdresser as all the salons I worked it used it and I never had bad results. I used to mix my own colours but over the years I have lost my confidence and it was so much easier to buy the ready made kits and not think about it.
I colour my hair a lot, I always find it cheers me up, so with a miserable few weeks I decided to change to a red head to brighten me up.
I couldn't find the shade I wanted so against all my better judgement I went for a special offer on the John Frieda mouse hair colour ,they have been plugging away at. My daughter also said she thought it was great. At normal price it would be just about double what I normally pay but on the offer it was only a little bit more so decided to treat myself to the nice copper color they had. (5C)

It was easy to apply ( or so it seemed) and I loved the colour ......Arrrrggggg, what a mess I don't know if you can see from the picture properly but it just didn't cover properly .
I was left with a nice blonde patch on the left hand side, I followed the instructions well and I never have problems before so I was gutted. Instead of cheering me up, I felt very deflated and disappointed.
Luckily we have a boots round the corner, I didn't want to go for another permanent so soon so bought a semi, which should patch it for a few weeks, its just about all the same colour now ( light in the picture doesn't show it properly but it is all one colour, honestly) and not quite the colour I wanted, but at least its not Patchy.
So moral of the story is, don't buy John Frieda mouse colour and in future I will stick to what I know , after all I am really worth it,


  1. I like red - looks good (well the second picture - thanks for the warning will not get John Frieda)

    I always the Schwarzkoft Live colour range for a nice bright colour.

    But then after a while I miss my natural blonde (with which I have a love hate relationship).

  2. oh what a shame, but new colour looks smashing and really suits you

  3. I'm sorry you had a bit of a bad experience there... but, holy cow, don't you look great now! I love it, and it indeed suits you. I went from blonde to black many years ago and never looked back, but just looking at your "warning signal" head makes me want to go some shade of red/ ginger now. Please keep it, at least for a bit, you look amazing!

  4. Ooh close one, I so very nearly bought the mousse the other day but with my comfy in a rut head on I stuck with my usual, glad I did now. The eventual colour really is lovely though and suits you.

    Leanne xx