Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A couple of days to relax

With starting my studio, then me and Mr Wellydog have not really seen each other, as I am working weekends, so he took a couple of days off work so we could spend some time together. We were going to go away but with the events of the last few weeks, we never got round to organising it. So we had a couple of day trips instead. We are lucky as we live in such a beautiful area that is also not to far to go into the wonderful Somerset and Devon.

Monday we started off by going into Glastonbury. We wanted to climb up to the Tor, but couldn't find any where to park and the bus service normally running had closed for the season. but we got to take some good photos and will go back in the spring to do it.
I found the town quite difficult as every shop had joss stick burning in it and it set my asthma off, but it is a wonderful place to people watch. There was an amazing array of spiritual services on offer, I could have had my tarot cards read or contacted dead spirits. I wasn't really tempted and definitely not by the spiritual surgeon, the mind boggles.

We then headed to one of my favourite places Wells, the town is filled with lovely buildings and of course the magnificent , cathedral. There have been a lot of changes since we last went and you can no longer access the cathedral through the front entrance but are herded through a modern souless corridor. The stained glass is amazing and the worn steps up tot the art exhibition are wonderful. I did think it was a bit of a shame how commercial it had all become, I realise that it cannot be cheap to run, but I think they have overdone it a bit. Still well worth a visit though, if you are in the area.

And make sure you walk round the bishop palace at the back to get wonderful views of the moat and wall
Tuesday we headed over Exmoor and into Illfracoombe.
We paid to go through the victorian tunnels and see the natural bathing pool and wonderful hidden beaches. It was a blustery day, but we spent ages on the beaches looking at the high waves and swollen sea.
Peering into lovely rock pools along the way.

We ended the day by driving through Lynmouth and down Porlock hill, not for the faint hearted, or those with dodgy clutches on their cars but we made it ok.
We both enjoyed our time together laughed a lot and vowed to do it again soon x

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