Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fair and fine weather

For those that didn't know then the picture I showed of my sketch book was of Glastonbury Tor, it was done from memory so not necessarily that good.

Yesterday was the Craft Fair, what a wonderful day to have it, although it was a bit cold it was very sunny all day.

There was 9 stall in total and most of them managed to get under the Gazebos we had put up, Children were running around collecting their 10 halloween images and collecting the letters from the studios, to make up the magic word to get there treasure at the end.

There was a good footfall, not brilliant, but the people coming seemed to be spending. I spent a lot of time giving out leaflets offering a discount for my workshops, if they booked in the next week, I'm not sure it did any good, I have a few people interested but mainly for in the new year. But I guess time will tell.

My next work shops is great almost fully booked which is brilliant but the next two are a bit low on numbers so I must get those filled soon.

In between handing out leaflets, I started to paint this yesterday I guess I will finish it off today when I go in, so hopefully will show you the finished article on my next blog

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  1. Hi - I have finally managed to join and comment on some sites, so just to let you know I will be popping on here now and then to see how you are getting along! Always a pleasure to read!