Friday, October 21, 2011

Today i do be......

......putting up Gazebo's

Its all ready for the craft Market we are hosting tomorrow for Made in Weston, fingers crossed the weather is good and we have lots of people coming along, as if its a normal Saturday there will be a lot of disappointed craft stall holders. In all honesty though I have see loads of posters and I know a big marketing campaign has gone into the whole Made in Weston series of events, so should be good for us and the stall holders alike.

As there is another artist coming to use the empty studio and the other resident Artist Gail is leaving next week, and so is having a big 50% off sale, then I thought I would concentrate on promoting my workshops to everyone and anyone who arrives. I have made my flyers and will stand outside my studio giving them out all day and boring people who will listen to me ramble on. Fingers crossed it helps me get my bookings up for the winter months.

I haven't been very productive today, but I have been working on my sketchbook project...Guess where this is??


  1. Hope it went well for you today, fingers crossed! Your sketchbook looks fab, but I've no idea where it is!

  2. Love your sketchbook pages in this post and the earlier one, its coming along great! Glad the craft fair went well too x