Thursday, October 27, 2011

Signs and swimming

My sign keeps blowing over, so clever Mr WellyDog, put a blackboard on the back, That way I can put my workshops dates on it. Did you know normal chalk is not waterproof,? I guess it should have been obvious but I am a bit slow sometimes , anyway again Mr WD came to the rescue and bought me a waterprooof chalk pen, its brilliant to use and apparently just needs some gentle detergent to remove it, so I wrote out all my worksops and sat it happily in the rain.
I thought the rain would keep people away but we had a gentle trickle of people, and I had a couple of nice sales this morning. It rained all day and I had to keep the door shut so I think the sign did its job as people came in, I had a couple of queries about workshops, I am hoping that one day all these people that show an interest, will suddenly decide to book, I would be in business for a long time then...

I decided to treat myself to doing some art work I have been fancying doing for a while. I wanted to know if I could paint people in water, I love painting water and I have wanted to do this ever since I saw Gilly Marklew's work. I am no where near as good and of course I have my own style and would not want to paint the same, but I loved doing it and may have to do some more. Someone today said today it reminded them of David Hockney, which I take as huge compliment as I am a fan. check out his work here

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  1. I love the way you paint your water, very impressive. Well done on the sign too.

    Jan x

  2. Great painting! I love how you seem to paint water so effortlessly, beautiful! :)

  3. Does indeed remind me of Hockney! Love the way you have captured the light, and the colours and pattern it creates. You've also got me thinking about craft uses for chalk pens lol! x