Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween and Heating

Made in Weston are at Clevedon Craft Centre on Sat 22nd Oct.
Open from 10am, their craft stalls will be dotted throughout the Centre alongside our studios. There will also be a seasonal pumpkin hunt for children with treasure at the end. so if you are in the area it may be interesting and we would love to see you.

I have been having a few heating problems in my studio. Yes its no surprise but its getting cold. I decided that I needed to have some gentle heating on over night so no dampness gets behind the glass in my frames and ruin the paintings. I bought a little heater and left it on overnight on Wednesday. I made a bit of mistake as I hadn't tested it and the instructions said not to leave on unattended. Mr WD assured me it was safe as it was on a thermostat, but I couldn't settle worried about it, so bless him Mr WD took me up there at 10pm to switch it off. Of course it was ok, but thats what I'm like and my lovely OH sorts me out.

Anyway after much discussion, with other people at the centre and the lady who used to be in my studio, I decided on a oil filed radiator with a frost setting that was ok to leave. So off I went this morning to swop it, works great and have left it on the low setting overnight, so hopefully, fingers crossed should be ok in the morning.

But as an extra precaution I decided to plug it into my only socket with a cut out on it. This meant I had to move my sideboard out of the way, so I decided to also rearrange some paintings and I put a wall of all my water paintings together, I quite like it. Oh apart from the japanese girl but she is just there as I need to get her all packed up and posted out.

After all that I continued working on a commission I have, which I am not going to show you yet and I finished the day working on my sketchbook project.

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