Thursday, October 6, 2011

H is for.......


I know its a bit early but thought I would get into the halloween spirit, ( see what I did there?) so I spend the morning carving a pumpkin, yes I am a big kid at heart.

It is very slow at the studios this week I think the weather is putting people off, especially as we had such good weather last week, luckily I have a few commissions for Christmas to get done. My workshop on the 29th is filling up well so I have just booked another 7 workshop spaces. I am quite limited on when I can use the teaching room as there are regular groups that have been going for years to compete with, so I may also look for other village halls etc to maybe start a couple up in the new year. So for now its promote promote promote my workshops.

So here is my first promotion, the list of new workshop dates

Saturday 29th October - Improvers workshop

Saturday 5th november- Beginners workshop

Sunday 13th November - 1/2 day Christmas card design workshop

Saturday 26th November - Winter watercolour landscapes

Saturday 3rd December - Exploring landscapes in soft pastels

Thursday 8th December - Beginners workshop

Thursday 15th December - Winter watercolour landscapes

Saturday 14th January - Improvers watercolours

H is also for horse
The brown chap at the back has been avoiding me for weeks. I wanted a close up photo of his face to be able to paint it, but even though he is happy to greet most people who come into the visitor carpark ( next to his field) he avoids me, I think perhaps he has realised I am a bit scared of horses, eithier that or he's playing games.
The black one however was happy to pose and I did tickle his nose as thanks, even if it was a bit tentatively.......


  1. Oooh a lovely list of workshops there. Do let us know how you get on. Loving the pumpkin outside. That is something I have never done is carve a pumpkin!

  2. I love carving pumpkins! Did you save the seeds? I rinse all the flesh off them, toss them in oil & a bit of paprika & salt, and bake them for 15 mins or so. they are DELISH!