Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to normal - ish

So I had the worst week ever at the studio, I took a grand total of £4.50 and had to give my daughter £2.50 of that as I have started stocking her soaps. She sells under the name of Buggalug bubbles on folksy and has developed a rich and luxurious soap for those people like herself, that have skin problems that are made worse but high street products, check her out here

I would love to stock other peoples work but space is so limited I can't, but for I thought a few soaps wouldn't take up much room and I am keen to help her as much as possible as she has put a lot of research and work into developing her soap. watch out as a new soap she has been working on, will be ready for you to buy for Xmas presents.

Anyway if you have read my blog you will know our lovely dog Welly died last week, with looking after him and a few things that had to be sorted after, I was only in one day, so I really can't complain, but it does bring home to you, how precarious it is when you have a problem and no money is coming in.

But this week is making up for it. I have had good bookings for my workshops and a deposit for a lovely commission, I have been asked to do. I started the commission yesterday, and its a lovely subject so maybe I will show you when it has been delivered.
I had a lovely lady in yesterday who put a deposit on a painting, so hopefully she should pick that up soon and pay the rest , she also said she would book a class with me, so that will be nice if she does.

I had my first workshop booking through my website. I put paypal links on my site, it took a little time to figure out but I am please with it, even though I say so myself. A lovely student who has been very supportive of me, booked onto my Xmas card workshop and so tested it for me, I was very excited.

Check the links out here

So hopefully things should get back to normal now, although I suspect that people will stop coming to the centre soon. My postcards to advertise my workshops arrived so I think I need to get out and about putting them around, If anyone local to me has any suggestions where I could put them, I would love it, if you would let me know, Polite answers only please haha.

Oh and don't forget if you are in the area on the 22nd, there is a craft show at the centre with a children's halloween hunt thingy to join in (I will let you know more details when I know them)

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  1. I suffer with sensitive skin so will definitely have a look at the soaps. Also had a look at your workshop link and they sound fab. If I was local I would book on one! Hope the studio sale spick up soon x