Saturday, October 15, 2011

Artist Greg Hunt

You know how you agree to something and then forget all about it as your mind is on other things, well thats what I did....Opps

At the Centre there is another Art studio, but its closing, Gail who currently runs it is leaving to free up more personal time. She currently lets another artist Greg use her studio one day a week , so he is now homeless. He was offered a home in the jewellery shop but they are closing down for the winter, so I said he could use mine for a couple of months.
I still have no problems with it, I just hadn't remembered the dates and so yesterday , he moved a few things in and I just wasn't ready, in fact the day became very chaotic.

So Greg will be in my studio every Friday and most Saturday mornings, he will brings his cards in to sell but I don't have room for any of his art work so that is being stored in one of his friends loft. I think it will be a good arrangement as I will have Fridays off and can have a lie in on a Saturday morning and he will give me a small contribution to my electricity bill. He just basically needs somewhere away from home to spend one day a week producing his exhibition work.

I am hoping this will free me up to get some Friday workshops up and running in the winter, away from the centre, perhaps in some of the little villages around and about. Also while people are still around I will then be able to open on a Tuesday and still give me 2 free days, one to visit my father and one to spend time around the house.

It will either be a blessing or a curse, watch this space

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