Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Waves :-)

Good morning Bloggers,  this morning there s lovely sunshine and I am feeling cheered up by it.  Its still cold but there is a glimmer of hope, that spring may actually arrive soon.
I wasn't feeling so cheerful on Saturday,  I sat in my cold studio with people peering through the window and making comment like,  "its only art work" or "There is nothing in here" and walking away again,  I did wonder why I had given up my Easter break with my family,  but I know when you are in business for yourself ,  you have to take every opportunity to open,  just incase.

I think they see the tables ( which I can't move) and don't look any further,  anyway I put a big sign up in my window to try and stop them seeing in and Sunday was much better.  In fact the best sales day of the year so far.( which isn't say to much as its been very quiet visitor wise). Bank holiday Monday was not as good but I did get quite a few people in chatting who seemed enthusiastic about my work, so it felt like a good day.  I also got a few people who were interested in classes and one booking.

Mr Wellydog came up with me on Sunday so we could at least see each other for a bit over Easter and he took some photos ready for my photo book ( have I told you about that Yet???)  and his camera does snazzy things, like take panoramic views.  Here is one of the ones he took.  I love them.  ( if you double click on it you should be able to view it bigger)

I don't know how well you can see on the panorama but I have since change my wall around a bit.  I have had a couple of sales recently so filled up the spaces with older work,  which really should get put into cellophane bags and sold from the browser, rather than being on the walls.  I got round to finally framing some of my wave paintings and made a bit of a mini display of them, at one end of the wall.  I am pleased with them,  I have a bit of a thing for water, as you may have gathered, so seeing them all together was very pleasing.

This is how the whole wall now looks

Yesterday I also thought I would have  a break and do some glass work,  I am running short of sun catchers so thought I would make some more up.  I wondered if I could use up some of the scraps of glass I have,  so I put together a lots of bits and came up with the following designs.

I am not sure how popular they will be,  But they were fun to do and I quite like them,  In fact I like the bottom one so much, I may keep it.

I am off now to go and try and sort out my car tyre that seems to have got a screw stuck in it.... more expense no doubt  :-(  Then,  I need to get into the studio in time for my classes this afternoon.  

So see you all soon

Janice x

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