Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cake Art

Let me tell you about my Wednesday group.......

Yesterday they bought me these for Easter, how great are they!  But my Wednesday group are also special for another reason 


I hold art groups 4 Days a week usually in the afternoons but also one on a Saturday morning.  My Wednesday and Saturday group have been running the longest and they are both great groups with regular students who all gel as a group and are both Fun, and are very supportive of me and each other.

But the Wednesday group has become a cake and Art group.  Look at what we got this week as an afternoon treat!

and the week before.....
and the week before.......

in fact they have a rota going as to who's turn it is to bake.  I am not complaining,  and my husband is pleased as usually he gets a cake to.  They even joke that if anyone new starts they want to interview them to check they can Bake!!!

Its all started with Sandy, one of my original students who along with a lady on my Saturday group came along to my 1st ever beginners workshop.  She is  a cake maker and runs her own Cake decorating business and teaches people sugar craft,  in fact I have just been invited to help her celebrate 31 years in business.  

On my original workshops I used to get Dot from the Centre tea shop, to bring a cake in half way through,  but as she closes for the winter it stopped and so sandy took over,  then other people joined in and now we have the cake and Art group.

She has been great with me as well, as recently I decided to decorate a cake for my daughters 30th birthday and Sandy talked me through it.  She even gave me some cake colouring to save me buying loads just for one cake.

But in fact a week later it was my sons birthday and he also got made a cake which I also use the colourings Sandy had given me

So if you ever want to join my Wednesday group,  make sure you loosen your belt and learn to bake Hehe!!

Janice x

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