Monday, April 8, 2013

SAA and pastels

This week I have been busy painting
 I am running 2 workshops in just over a weeks time on Flower painting in watercolours  and wanted to experiment a bit with techniques for  demonstrating.  This is what I ended up with..

Do you think you would enjoy doing a workshop with such loose techniques??

I also had a a great day out in Bristol.  I went to the SAA ( Society for all Artists),  'All about Art show'

I went expecting it to be a bit like the NEC show I went to last year,  so wasn't expecting much as that show had been a disappointment.  I was so convinced that  I would be home in time for lunch,  I  didn't  take anything with me, But I stayed all day.  I wanted to go to see how other people demonstrated and what new techniques I could pick up,  along with having to buy a few bits and bobs, so didn't expect that to take very long.

It was much more fun than I had expected and I chatted to loads of people about what they liked in courses and how they found out about workshops.   There were lots of demonstrations, in different techniques, I  got to try new materials, like the new Acylic paints from Winsor and Newton and I took part in some workshops.  Each workshop lasted approx 45 mins

First I did a pastel drawing .

Then a waterolour painting

Then another pastel workshop.  However this one was different as it was animals on Velour paper.  What a difference the paper makes.  Of course it helped that Vic Bearcroft was running the workshop and moved us all through the drawing of his cat.  Using drawing, tonal and blocking stages,  before moving into detail.

I loved it

so much so I went back after lunch to draw his husky dog.  And inevitably ended up buying some Velour paper and some more pastels ( as if I haven't got enough!!)

In fact I bought so much they even gave me a free DVD..... now thats bad!!!

At the very end of the day I did an acrylic workshops but it was a bit rushed and not my favourite one of the day,  but still enormous fun!!

So instead of Mounting some picture and finishing a painting I started last week,  on my spare afternoon on Saturday,  I had to have another go with the pastels and Velour paper. 

I think I may have found a new obsessions....

Janice x


  1. Wow, your animals are wonderful! I can see why it's your new obsession. Love the red poppies too :)

  2. All I can say is WOW!. How wonderful to be able to explore so many things in one place. The pastels and watercolor are great and I am sure if you had had more time the acrylic would have been good too. Hard to believe that these charming pieces were done in such a short time. BTW I like the flowers too - love the looseness.

  3. Thanks you so much for your comments x

  4. Hello. Someone on the SAA Facebook page is trying to pass off your poppy painting as being her own. Just thought you may like to know ! It is on this link.