Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flowers and birthdays

Spring arrived yesterday at the Centre , and now its gone again,  but it was lovely while it lasted and put us all in the right mood, for painting lovely flowers.

I had a watercolour flower painting workshop and we had great fun.  

I had initially been fully booked with 6 people,  but one cancelled at the last minute so 5 lovely ladies came and explored wet on wet techniques in flower painting.

I did a demonstration of my poppy painting and the techniques used and then they all did their own versions.

They then went on to paint either the tulips or roses on the table using the same techniques.  And produced paintings to be proud off.

Also this week was my birthday.  I hadn't wanted to do to much as its been very hectic recently so we just kicked back and explored our local area.  I have been photographing 50 art deco buildings for my 50 things to do in my 50th year ( which finished on Monday) and I wanted to add the Art Deco cinema in Bridgewater.  

We went to find it and on the way went to get a close up of the Willow man.

This is sculpture that I have seen from the motorway for years and have wanted to get up close and personal with, as he is one of my favourites.  He made me smile every time I went passed and became a familiar sight when I was traveling up and down the M5 to visit my Dad when he was in hospital down there. But he was hard to get to across many muddy fields. 

Unfortunately he is now very easy to see, as they have built a monstrous Morrisons depot and housing estate right by him,  It really spoils the look of him from the motorway,  but now means you can see him very close indeed.

He was made by Serena De La Hey and unveiled in 2000.  He was burnt down in 2001 and rebuilt and has recently received a haircut after birds picked at his head,  I love seeing the birds sat on his head,  so no doubt that will need doing again some time..

Enough of me getting old,  In the studio, I have had a good sales week and among the paintings sold was my latest one of the Grey wolf in pastels. I am a bit sad to see him go as he was the first one I did on my own on the velour paper

I also did a portrait of my little dog Fin.  I intend to frame it and when he is not in put the picture in his little cage area

Anyway, I have to go and get painting,  we have Arts week in a couple of weeks and sales have been good so I now need to get some more work produced to makes sure I have a good display for it.

See you soon and as always I love to hear your comments

Janice x


  1. Happy birthday!
    Beautiful flowers, I bet your ladies were so proud!
    We love the willow man too and we see him every year when we go past on the way to Cornwall and were really shocked last year when we saw all the houses etc built so close to him, it really ruins the view!

    Clare xx

  2. Amazing collection of artistic things with artificial flowers and bouquets....