Monday, April 22, 2013

Birds and frustrations

Morning everyone.  Its the start of another week, hopefully not as manic as last week was. As you can see above I finished another painting.  I struggled a bit with this one.  I am not sure why,  whether it was the subject or whether it was the full bodied acrylics I used, I don't know, it could just have been I have been a bit over tired recently.  I am pleased however that it is finished and looking forward to doing some more work in the acrylic inks and also the pastels.

I ran the second of the flower painting workshops this week and both were a hit,  getting students to flick paint everywhere was fun and I really enjoyed it.

Arts week is looming, with less than 2 weeks to go I am trying to get the studio sorted and a few new bits  put on display.  I have cancelled all my sessions for Arts week.  I  know people are reluctant to come in when I have students in ( which is a lot these days) and so as we are anticipating the highest foot fall of the year then I thought I would try and  make the most of it. Also if there was a high number of visitors, I didn't think the students or I could concentrate fully.

My lovely cushions have arrived from the States.  I have 2 more to come.  I only ordered 4 as its quite an investment if they don't sell to just have lying around.  I will see how they go down and if needs be can take orders.  The students have been impressed at least.

I also had a move round of my studio,  I do get very frustrated hearing comments all the time about my studio just being a classroom, and then people walking away before they can really see inside.  I wanted to try and make it so they couldn't see the tables and blackboard through the door.  The black board was easy and I just painted over it ( even if it did take 7 coats).  After Arts week I will paint a board for the back wall,  but feel I am happy to leave it for now.  The tables I separated into 2 lots and put them at opposite ends of the studio.  I loved it.  Only problem was that I had 4 people walk through the door at once and nobody could move.  It was so strange how it just destroyed the movement around,  so unfortunately it all went back again.  I am just going to have to stop getting wound up about it.  Its not like I am struggling.  The lessons are gong well I am getting sales ok  at the studio and online , so If someone is that easily put off I shouldn't worry,  but I guess its just in my personality to not  like having a problem, that I can't find some sort of solution for!  I do have a bit of an idea forming but that will have to wait until after Arts week now.  For that week we will be having a huge move round anyway as I don't have to accommodate the students.

I also had the arrival of my photobook.  I am not sure I have told you about the idea for this so bear with me if you have heard it before.

When people look at my website for lessons , they can check out the student work and what we do here by looking at my workshop page and the student gallery.  But if they come into the studio they can't see example of the student work.  So the fabulous Mr Wellydog came up with the idea of a photo book, just to cover the workshops.  Some of my oldest students ( as in have been with me the longest, not that they are in there 90's!!!!)  gave me a some written feedback and I took some quotes from the feedback forms I give out at the end of the beginners groups and I put them together with a load of photos and hey presto I have a photo book.  

So sit back for a few minutes and I will tell you a story.......  

Click on the photos to see them larger

take care and see you next week

Janice x

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