Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No 38 - 50 things to do in my 50th Year


Black - completed,
Blue - still may happen
Red - will have to wait :-(

1. Have a meal with Steve and all the kids
2. Try and see a whale
3. See the Angel of the north
4. Photograph wild flowers
5. Paint outside ( not the fence)
6. Search for sea glass
7. Find 50 Art Deco buildings and photograph them - started  about 30 left to do 
8. Swim a mile
9. Walk on a beach at sunset in the UK
10. Sing in public ( not on my own) - Joining a singing group 
11. Make  a sculpture out of found or natural items -  Items found,  just need to sculpt them
12. Pooh sticks
13. Walk up to Glastonbury Tor  - very soon
14. Paddle in a stream   -  Just waiting for a spring day Brrrrrrr

15.  Go on a picnic
16  Climb something 
17. Tea and cake with all the family
18.  Spend a day with Gemma    ?????       
19.  Spend a day with Heather  ??????
20.  Spend a Day with Chris   ??????

21.  Walk a dog
22. Find treasure - Geocaching, about to take place
23. See wonderful stained glass
24. See a David Hockney painting
25.  Visit Scotland
26. Try and see the Northern lights

27. Stargaze
28. Dance in the tower Ballroom Blackpool
29. Road trip
30. Decorate a special cake

31. Do a mosaic
32. Make 50 origami birds and hang them in trees - Only 10 left to make
33.  Throw a pot
34. Have a girly night - I am organising for my birthday  
35. Make a flower arrangement
36. Sparkle
37. Have my engagement and eternity rings repaired

38. Decorate the bedroom

I still have to do some finishing off and get some pictures up but the bare bones of the decorating is now done

39. Make a daisy chain
40. Get a tattoo
41. Have a photo us all.  Not professional
42. Make an album or photo book of the year  -  Progressing on
43. Do something to raise money for charity
44. Candle lit relaxing  bath
45. Kiss in the rain
46. See a film in the directors lounge
47. Have a butterfly land on my hand
48. Crochet or knit myself a jumper
49. Paint a good picture on an Ipad
50.  Surprise me!!!

21 to go  


  1. I have no doubt that you will achieve them all!

    1. I don't have the time now unfortunately as my year is nearing the end, but that's fine I will do all of them eventually x