Monday, April 15, 2013

50 Art Deco buildings ( well Maybe?)

One of my challenges in my 50th year was to photograph 50 Art Deco buildings,  so here are the results.

I am no Art Deco expert,  so I may have a few wrong and will research to check them out, but have included them in my list anyway

The first 3 were taken in were taken in Nothumberland

This Cinema, now a Weatherspoons is in Hexom

and these two were by the beach in Beadnell

Now my home town of Weston,  where most were found. 
These are a whole street of houses by the railway station

This is our Court House

and this is a row of shops leading up and designed by the same Architect as our Fabulous Odeon cinema  ( 16 for the price of one)

Then our Art Deco Masterpiece  built in 1935  and was designed by British architect Thomas Cecil Howitt (1889 - 1968)  He designed cinemas at Warley, Weston-super-Mare, Bridgwater and Clacton.  Only the Weston one exist intact,  the Bridgewater one is the only other surviving one and you will see later,  its not quite the same now.

Shops on Weston High street


 The GreenSlades building I think is because of

Its pattern detail 

the same goes for the MI Bar building

and the detail here also makes me think this one is to

Weston Pier may have burnt down but I believe the entrance is still an original Deco  feature

and some of the Cafes and bars along the seafront look Art Deco in shape

I counted this as 3

and the Toilets which have some deco detailing on,  ( sorry I didn't get a close up)

And then the Tropicana,  which when we arrived in Weston was still an outdoor lido.  It has been shut for at least Ten years and is the subject of lots of controversy about what will replace it and how many more planning applications the council can encourage then reject.  Such a shame and such a mess!

and its just round the corner from the other Somerset Art Deco Odeon,  

as you can see its no longer a cinema and the roof has been removed 

and the buildings to the side have all been smashed up and abandoned,

This is what I fear will happen when the weston one is abandoned by Odeon when the new multi screen complex opens in Weston later this year  :-(

Finally we come to a factory on the outskirts of Bridgewater that I just managed to get a snap through the car window off.

So that is a grand total of 58

Yay  did it.  

I have enjoyed exploring my home town for these masterpieces and it has made me look closer at where I live which has been a marvellous thing!  Perhaps you should try it?

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