Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 roundup

Wow what a year I have had.

Here are the highlights and some of the low points. I am including some links to blogs about some of these events


This time last year I was waiting for an operation and dreading going back to my job. I am painting ACEO's and doing very well on Folksy selling them. My work is getting bigger and I am loving painting again


I had no idea what direction to go in, but this is the first time I was starting to think maybe I could become a full time artist. I love this quote as it actually turned out to be very true

"So what's the plan, well actually there isn't one. I have been an unsuccessful planner, so nows the time to change"


I had my operation and had to not lift for 6 weeks, so relieved I didn't have to go into work for 4 weeks of it. I was painting every day again and started to include bigger work into my folksy shop.


My birthday month . I was obsessed with painting turtles (pictures here). It was Easter and the Royal Wedding long weekends and we ripped the kitchen out and put in a new one ( Well Mr Wd did , I was still not allowed to lift)


I made my first website, an older version of this


I re-arranged my craft room to try and help with better working practices. For various reasons I was still off work and it had become obvious I wouldn't have a job for very much longer. So it was important to have a place to paint that was more comfortable.


We decided that I would try and step up my painting and perhaps get a bit of teaching until I could get a part-time job that would allow me to continue painting and find a way to make it pay.
I still couldn't settle in my craft room and on a particularly difficult day I decided to try and get inspired so took a drive out to our local craft centre. I a moment of madness I enquired about the cost of the empty studios they had..


1st August I opened my studio at Clevedon Craft Centre and couldn't believe my luck
My blog now started to get dominated by the studio and a whole thread is started here
We also celebrated 30 wonderful years of marriage


I became obsessed with painting water. Experimented with painting with wax and started preparing for Christmas

Our beautiful Welly dog had a stoke and died this over shadowed everything, he had been with us 16years and I am still totally lost without him xxx


The studio was very quiet and I started looking into moving into a larger studio.


Preparations for the big move and a lovely Christmas and looking forward to 2012

Wow you can see just how much my life changed in 2011 it will certainly be a year to remember

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