Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I visited Clevedon Craft centre a couple of weeks ago, just to look around and get inspiration and there was a sign on the door of a little studio saying enquire if you want to rent. So I did.......... 2 weeks later here I am in a panic because I move into it on Monday!!!!!!!!! Part time, to start but you never know in the future


OMG OMG what am I doing,???

I have so much to do I just don't know where to start;

I have made a sign for outside, I just need to varnish it.

Its only a very small studio but still loads to do.

Things to do....

I have to register for business rates but good news I might get some relief on it

Sort out Water rates



Frame pictures

Clear the spiders ( not looking forward to that)

Paint the walls

Price list?biography/cash only sign ( not sure how I can take card payments yet)

Move my desk and chair and all my Art rubbish in

Get a lock for the sink unit

research how I can use my laptop there

Try and make it look nice,

and I am sure a hundred other things.

I will post pictures soon.


  1. This is very exciting, well done for being so brave and going for it :) I look forward to hearing how it all goes! :)

    dawn. xx

  2. Congratulations! So exciting. I hope it will be a roaring success for you.

  3. I am CERTAIN it will be a success! Nice going, Janice, that's a wonderful development. Tell the spiders to move out nicely first, maybe they listen and you don't have to forcibly kick them out? *shudder*
    I'm really happy for you!

  4. Wow, exciting! Sounds great, good luck with it!!

  5. ooh very exciting =]

  6. Congratulations, I'm sure you will get everything done. It looks a brilliant place, it's a pity I'm too far away to visit. I'm looking forward to regular updates

    Jan x

  7. Loving the sign, and well done on your new venture, I wish you every success.