Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studio tour

So now I am officially open, I thought I would show you round the new studio.

I need to get some good signage as I am in the last studio in the Centre and round a corner at the back. At the moment I have this inherited banner and have added a laminated logo onto it.

As you come round the corner you see the front area and garden by my studio.

I moved my old sign ove,r but I think I need to get something new but it will have to wait a little while, until I know what I want and what I can afford.

As you walk through the door then you can see the bookcase I painted to hide the sink area. Is quite handy to put baskets of cards on. I have got card stands but somehow they didn't look right, but maybe when I am more used to it all they will come back out again.

I am pleased with the hanging rail system, now its all sorted its easy to use. It was slightly difficult to set up but as always Mr Wd sorted it out for me.

Behind the bookcase is the kitchen area, I could have put all the kettle cups etc in the back but wanted it easy for my students to access.

I find myself gravitating to the bar, and sitting on the stools by it. I quite like being over at the back. Only time will tell if that is where I end up working, or if I use the table and chairs.

I added a hook to the side of the bookcase to hang a sample of my bags as the rest needed to be folded up and as they wouldn't stay, so I ended up putting them in cellophane bags.

The browser for my art work is on the left . It was an ebay bargain that I picked up last week for £10, I was so lucky as they normally go for £30 +

My students desks have been a slight disappointment , the laminate is already chipping and I am tempted to take them back, but its so much hassle and I am not sure when I will get time . Also the legs don't adjust, so as my floor is not very straight the tables wobble a bit and my project this week it to get something under the legs to get the table straight, before my first students come in on Wednesday.

The bottom wall has my guest artists for January. The left ones , the trees, are by Greg Hunt who will be in my studio, working once a week. The ones on the right are by Gail Clarke.

At the back there are 2 comfy chairs by a bookcase that has all my Art books on, I am hoping some students will like to sit there reading the books and magazines. I have got an old yellow sofa that will probably go there when I can persuade someone with a van to pick it up, as it wont fit in the car.

Through the double doors you are taken into my covered garden.

These look out to the stables on the farm.

This is the view from the windows, I think it will be great if the students want to sit out and sketch the horses.

This is my storage area out the back

And finally a view through from my storage area back into the studio.
I hope you have enjoyed my little tour.


  1. So exciting for you. I think it looks amazing. you must be really pleased!

  2. Great studio. Gutted about the print browser lol, just paid about £40 for one, never thought of ebay! If your tables get too grotty, you could always cover them in plastic coated fabric, just pin it underneath with upholstery pins and the tables will look neat again!

    Michele x

  3. How fabulous!

    Looks wonderful, and I'm now suffering from studio envy. Looks a great spot to be, and I wish you every success.

  4. Oooh thank you, so good for those of us too far away to visit, but sure wish I could.

    Looks a fantastic area to work, sure you dont want to move further up north and have one here? you would never get rid of me.


  5. Love it, it looks so big, what a great space. I love reading all about your studio journey, so inspirational! :) x

  6. This is great, how fantastic it all looks. Nice to be able to see the horses too. If I am ever down in Somerset I will try to come and see you. Long way from Preston though.

    Good luck
    Shirley of Whimsy Woo Designs.

  7. What a great space to work in - looks like you can breathe in there..

    Ive got a great view from my studio - robins, dog walkers, vans delivering, people giving me a cheery wave, horse riders..its all go along our road - maybe Ill blog about it one day! (listen to me - I didnt even know what a blog was a month ago!)

    I could do you a fab mosaic sign, at mates' rates, of course if you fancy it - I only live up the road...