Friday, January 20, 2012

Painting, partridges and one for the pot

You can tell that I am settling well in my new studio, as its starting to look messy. I have found myself working all the time at the breakfast bar. It's funny as I thought I would work at the tables, but its much easier to perch on a stool as I am up and down all the time.

And I finally managed to get some painting done, this is as far as I got but its a start at least.
'Can you tell what it is yet'

Visitor numbers are getting a bit better, but I found when my students were in, people wont walk through the door. So I put up a new sign in my window. It seems to be working as when I had students in on Wednesday we had a few people still pop in, so I pleased with it.

On Wednesday eveningI walked out to go and see Pat the clock repairer and when I came back there were about 20 partridges walking up by my studio. As they saw me coming they dived round the corner to hide, but as I walked round they all turned and stared at me, it was the funniest thing, they looked shocked that someone found them as they were hiding so well, it would make a great picture, if only I had had my camera. Of course they all then panicked a flew off in a flurry.

They flew up by these wonderful trees that are at the back of my studio. I took the photos and I think I may paint them sometime.

I had visited Pat as he said he had something for me. He has a motorbike and sometimes can't collect things so I am always happy to run him places to collect items he can't get on his bike. A couple of weeks ago he bought a gas heater and a microwave from ebay for his studio and I collected them for him. It wasn't a problem as they weren't far from my house. But he was very grateful and so has given me this Teasmade. I love it, I have been admiring them for sometime and he kindly gave me this Pink one.

I think it looks great in my studio. It does work so sometime I will use it but at the moment I just love admiring it.


  1. The studio is looking great. I think the reason you work at the breakfast bar is the height. I purposely built a high table with a stool to work on. It stops you having to bend as much when working flat, and on large paintings you can easily stand up. Am loving the teasmade, so retro! Michele x

  2. Glad things are going so well, the new studio is lovely! :)

  3. Looks good to me, love the partidges and trees' make a great painting. Lovely teasmade too.

  4. Love the teasmade! and your studio looks perfect.