Thursday, June 2, 2011


So after my blog yesterday and some great comments here and Folksy , I have made a start on re-arranging my room. Cleared a lot of the rubbish so everything is away or on the bookcase and I have move the desk away from the window. already it feels better. I can't use the futon, as a bed but wouldn't take much sorting if someone came to stay.

I need new lighting and I think I will paint the dark purple white or at least paler. ( shame as I love the colour.
I started painting up there yesterday and even Smelly welly dog came and sat in with me which he wont normally x


  1. Like it! I know what you mean about the colour , it is gorgeous. Maybe just try it for a bit and see how you go.

  2. It looks like an entirely different room. Personally, I love both versions, but I can't see why the former arrangment didn't work for you.
    It looked more like a place to write letters and diary entries, does that make any sense whatsoever?
    Don't paint the desk just yet, you might regret it if you really love the colour. Give it a bit and see how it goes :)