Monday, January 2, 2012

New studio, sneak preview

I am finally in. It has seemed a long time coming. Me and Mr Wd , moved the last bits over today, its still chaos and only one picture is hung as I just want to check the strength of the rail on my heaviest painting . I will start hanging the rest during the week and hopefully get everything into some kind of order so I can find everything.
Considering I have only been in my other studio since August I have accumulated an awful lot of things.

Sorry the photos aren't brilliant, the wonderful Mr Wd took them on his mobile phone, as forgot my camera again ...opps


  1. Looks like a great space and the logo looks fab on the wall.
    All the best in your studio :-)

  2. Its coming together lovely. Well done. Your hard work is paying off. I love the bunting too :-)

  3. Very swish, looking good - well done.

  4. Thanks everyone, I am pleased and I am nearly there now so more photos soon