Friday, December 30, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I just thought I would pop by to update about how the new studio is going. There are no photos as its all very top secret.....haha if only it was that important, I just forgot my camera!

Officially I don't move in until the 1st, so have been very lucky to get in early to do some work, but also the landlord has been in doing a couple of jobs to make it ready for me. The hot water boiler has been playing up so he is getting a plumber in to sort it, also he has taken out the large cabinet as I didn't want it. He has boxed in the wires on the back wall and has put some lights outside in the garden area.

The amazing Mr WD has put up my hanging rails and we hung a picture up. I picked the heaviest painting so if its still up in the morning we know its all ok. I bought my tables and they got assembled ok so thats brilliant. I painted my bookcase and started to move things over from my little studio. I think then Mr WD will come with me Monday to move everything else across on as I don't know if the new person will be moving in immediately.

With just a week to go, I am worried about the mayors visit. I am not worried about the organisation, as all plans are in place, but I am having nightmares that there will only be a couple of people there. I think it will be embarrassing as it just to soon after Christmas and people have lots of plans other than coming out to a cold craft centre ( possibly in the rain) and enthusiasm is very low. Anyway there is nothing I can do nothing about it now, I have invited loads of people and the press and so its just fingers crossed now :-(

So thats where we are, I will try and get some photos as it starts to come to together


  1. Everything sounds so exciting. I wish you the very best of luck in your new studio and I look forward to seeing pics. Have a fantastic 2012 xx

  2. Look forward to seeing it all in place. This will be the year for you.

    All the very best
    Lynda xx