Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sale, cameras and hanging systems

Its a bit of a joke that I am never without my camera, some have even suggested it might actually be glued to my hand. As always it came with me to the gallery today, so it was such a shame when I realised that the battery was still in its charger at home! The picture below therefore had to be taken at home and now of course I must remember to take it back to the studio.
You know my memory is starting to be a bit of a problem and recently when I was talking to my Dad who has early stage dementia, and it really was hard to tell who it was with the problem as he had a better idea of day and date than I did. I must try to concentrate harder.
Anyway I had a productive day and finished my painting, its is not a water colour but a mixed media, it incorporates Gouache and acrylic paint in with my usual watercolour. I really quite enjoyed it, I hadn't originally intended to but I couldn't get the effect I wanted, so I improvised. It did make me remember why the acrylics are not my favourite, they are sticky and just didn't flow as well. But I did come away thinking perhaps I should do a canvas for a change, as I used to enjoy working much bigger.

I was going to list the painting on Folksy as usual, but I am having major problems with listing at the moment and that also means, I wont be able to take advantage of the free listing day tomorrow. So if by any chance you are interested in this painting you will need to contact me direct.

I also started my sale today, both on Folksy and in my studio, a bit premature you might think, and you may well be right, but I have fallen in love....Oh dear I am very sad...with this hanging system for galleries. I thought if I could at least afford to get it on one wall of my new studio, by my opening on the 7th January it would be brilliant, and then I can do the other wall later in the year. But alas as with anything worth having , it is costly.

I have found a cheaper version on amazon, that looks like it will do the job,

So I am selling off the family treasure to try and fund it, ( well my paintings anyway) so there is 25% off on all original paintings on folksy and also a discount in my studio, but not on everything.
Another bonus of course, is there wont be (hopefully ) as much to move at the beginning of next month. ( I like to be optimistic)

My little studio also has a new owner or will do at the beginning of the year. I am sad really but its nice to know it will be used, I met the new girl today and she works with textiles , she seemed very nice. I may have only have been there a few months but I have become very attached to my little studio and I will miss the ducks laughing at me x


  1. Love your new painting :-)

    That hanging system is gorgeous! Love it :-)

  2. Lovely painting. Love the hanging system too.


  3. Lovely painting. I have one of those hanging systems on one wall of my studio, about 2.5 metres long, cost about £80. All the little bits and clips are so cheap and then you add them all together and put the vat on and OUCH! Michele x

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