Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Promote, promote, promote!!!

Today was a day of promotion, well sort off........

Firstly I put my new car door magnet on my little brum brum, I only bought one as it was free on vista print ( well as free as anything is on vistaprint) and I didn't want to pay for my own design as I need to have a rethink about that, so any design was fine for now. I wanted to put it on the back of the car but the bits and bobs on there, stopped me so I put it on the drivers door. As I was driving along it occurred to me that the majority of people were on the passenger side, ( walking along the pavement) so I changed it to the other side, after this photo was taken.
At the same time I bought the car magnet I also bought a small banner, so I wanted to put it up and take a photo , it was a nice day for a walk and I also nipped across the road from where I was putting it to get a picture of this lovely house, that is at the entrance to the National Trust property, Clevedon Court, When it opens again in the spring I will go and have a proper nosey, as I have never actually been in the 22 years I have lived in the area.

As I was putting up the banner and walking round, this chap was watching me the whole time, I think he thought I was bonkers and never took his eye off me. He then came right up to the fence to get a better look. Beautiful isn't he?

The banner is only small but I am really pleased with it, it stands out and replaces the white one that I did myself.

But it does look a bit weedy next to the Craft centre one.

The old one that I took down wasn't very good as I had done it will marker pen and it just didn't show up. It seemed a shame to waste it so I got out my acrylic paints and went over it again. I think it looked much better and decided to put it up by the motoway junction.

That sounds a bit riskyI know, bit there is a path that goes from the back of the craft Centre to the motoway roundabout. So another walk was in order. I knew there was a pathway round the roundabout as I had seen people walking on it before. But opps when I go half way round the pathway disappeared down the back to industrial estate. So after a little detour, I had to back track and then walk along the grass verge of one section of the roundabout to get to where I wanted to put it. There are loads of banners just on the road leading up to the motoway junction so I thought it seemed like a good choice and wasn't a distraction to any driver. I also noted that the other signs had been up for months so I knew they weren't being removed so they obviously weren't causing a problem to traffic.

Its the little one on the end, probably not very noticeable among all the others but hopefully a couple of people will see it. I pass it everyday as I go to the centre, so I will keep an eye on it.

After all that I just had time to do a bit of painting........ I know yet another wave, but I am obsessed. There is quite a bit to do before its finished but it a good start I feel.

There were also a couple of comedy moments today.
One couple couldn't open the door to get out ( my door is sticking a bit) I couldn't get past them to help and they wouldn't get out of the way, I just had to leave then to struggle and stop myself from giggling as in their panic they actually locked the door.

I then had a couple of elderly ladies that came in to ask me if Jeff the jewellery maker was around, I told then he should be back any minute, so they said, 'Thats ok, it will be nice to have a look round all the lovely studios', then promptly walked out without looking at my studio!!! haha obviously mine isn't one of the lovely ones???

After all that I am quite shattered, so off to have a nice cup, ahhhhhh


  1. Very entertaining post! I enjoyed reading it!

  2. What a fun post and what a busy day. We had a lovely time in the summer going around Clevedon Court, it's a lovely place. Good luck with the classes xxx

  3. Hope all that promotion gets tonnes of people in :D


  4. All looking good, sure you will have many beating down the door soon.

    Just watch the car signs, mine only lasted about 3 months and one fell off and was kindly returned the other has now peeld off. My bumper sticker is still there though.

    Great Looking Banners.