Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bright lights and new keys

Christmas arrived at Wellydog Gallery this week, I put some star lights outside.

It means I can't completely shut my door and its a bit drafty but its been amazing. Apparently the public like lights, as everyone who has come to the centre, has come into my studio, who knew lights could have that effect??

Also my Knitted nativity saw the light of day. My mother in law knitted it for the children years ago and it hasn't come out for a while as they children are all a bit old for it now, but I think it suits my little studio and everyone seems to agree.
I have also been making decorations, I have been finishing painting the christmas trees today, the large one is going to be a clock for my neighbour Pat the clock repairer.

It been good today as Dot ( from the tea room) has been doing some free pottery painting sessions for the children, ( still on every weekend throughout December), and we have also been running a Santa hunt for the children, that involves them finding a hidden word and little pictures scattered through the centre. They all get a bit of chocolate at the end and there has been a lot of laughter around today, which has been lovely.

I have also been very excited as I got the keys to my new studio, I can't move in yet but am able to get painting in preparation for the big move, which is amazing and very generous of the owners.

So here is the official tour........

Through the door then you can see I have a large 5m wall leading up to the sink and breakfast bar.

Then moving round to the left you can see the doorway at the back to my private area ( more in a minute about that) then further left there are the 2 double door leading to my outside covered garden area.

This has the fabulous mural painted by artist Damien Jefferies for the centre. This area backs onto the stables and has a good view of the horses. It will be great in the summer

Then on the same wall going back down the studio I have the window looking out onto the covered garden.

Round onto the back wall then the owners are leaving this unit for me, If I decide I don't need it then they will take it away, but I will see when I have moved all my stuff in.

then going round a bit more it brings you back along the 4m wall back to the door.

Back to my private area at the back, then you can just peep through and see the storage area just through the door.
This then leads around to the right to my fridge and another storage area. I may move the fridge into the main studio, by the sink but we will see later if that works.

and finally............ to my own indoor toilet, wow, I know its sad but for me and my students, who currently have to brave the cold and the spiders to use the Craft Centre outside loo.....ahh bliss.


  1. I love the fridge and the toliet! Seriously how fab the studio space is amazing and the garden will be so nice in the summer - congratulations.

  2. I love the fridge and the toliet! Seriously how fab the studio space is amazing and the garden will be so nice in the summer - congratulations.

  3. Wow, looks fabulous. You must be so delighted and excited about moving in. Congrats and well done, you deserve it.

  4. It's going to be a great space for you :)

  5. That really is going to be a wonderful space to work in. I will look forward to seeing the after pics.

    Emma xx

    Ps. The nativity set is really lovely too x

  6. It looks like a fantastic space! And however prosaic it is, having your own loo will make all the difference ;-)

  7. Oh WOW!! It all looks super, what a wonderful space to work in, so bright and airing looking too. Thanks for your comment by the way on my tights, hey size shouldn't matter at all, and they are indeed a one size fits all :) I got them from Tesco at £8.00...go on you know you want to ;))

    Hugs, xx

  8. It's a great room, and a lovely mural. I'm sure you will find a use for the unit, I look forward to seeing the unit and walls filled with great things.

    Jan x

  9. this looks absolutely super - what a great studio - I'm not surprised you wanted to show us a sneek preview:) I love the knitted nativity too btw x

  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments x

  11. Wow! So happy for you Janice, its looking lovely and will be even more gorgeous when you've finished. Just wish I was closer for a personal preview!

    Natalie x

  12. That looks fantastic! I bet it'll look great when you're finished, and those Christmas trees are lovely and festive too!

    Emily x

  13. what a fab studio and a lovely centre. I love christmas lights too and I think an indoor loo is an essential at this time of year!!

    Kate x