Thursday, December 22, 2011

Studio - Logo painting

Thankyou to everyone for your suggestions on how to make my logo larger to fit the wall, I had lots of advice and basically it boiled down to two choices, use an overhead projector or grid up the wall, to try and transfer it.
Both failed, not because they weren't excellent suggestions. Firstly no overhead projector, I did try and find one but nobody seems to use them much any more, 'thats what power point is for' apparently...

Anyway I decided to go for the grid suggestion and so I draw a grid over a printed copy of my logo. I then put the grid on the wall, but the logo was to small, and I couldn't see it well enough to transfer it onto the larger grid, I just couldn't get the right shapes. Doh!!!!! if you are doing this make sure you do a large print.

So rather than be patient ( not my strong point) and waiting until I could print a bigger version. I just rubbed out the grid, measured out the lines for the height of letters and drew it by hand. It took a bit of adjusting, especially matching the two wellies. Also the last letter I drew in was the 'w' which proved to be the hardest, when I had expected it to be easy. Painting it in was easy enough, just a big of neck strain that I will probably notice more in the morning.

So here you go, I will have to go round it one more time in white, to finishing covering some of lines that still show a bit, but otherwise I am quite pleased. What to you think?