Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mayor is coming

A couple of weeks ago I sent out some invites to several people to my opening of the new Studio. I then went onto my Council website and e-mailed clerks and administrators of the parish and town councils local to the Centre. I was hoping a couple of people may come and perhaps get a mention in a parish magazine or two, but to my absolute surprise I got a reply from the Weston-super-Mare Town Mayor, who has accepted my invite and will be arriving to help celebrate the opening

So as the shock sinks in (OMG!!) I have now got to take this opening more seriously and make formal arrangements. I have been sent some protocol information and also have to send details of who will meet him and other formalities, so I will need to sort that out and get the information back to them asap.
I had a word with some of my fellow studio owners today and checked who will be around as it will be good to have as many studios open as possible. I want to maximise the opportunities, but am still a bit shell shocked, so any suggestions please, please let me know your ideas as I am feeling a bit out of my depth now.

For any of you who may not have seen it below is the Invite I sent out, I hope it said enough and if you know anyone in who lives near then please sent the invite onto them.

Grand Opening

As from the 1st January 2012, Wellydog Gallery and workshops will be moving to Studio 4b at Clevedon Craft Centre. All future workshops will be in the studio itself. This offers easier access and facilities aimed specifically at Art students, including the free use of a small Art library .

From January 1st, I will be running regular art groups. These will allow people to develop their own work. Or alternatively be set with new challenges, with the support and help from a qualified art tutor.

(inexperienced artists will be advised to attend beginner's and improver's workshops before attending these groups)

These will be every Wednesday afternoon and most, but not all Saturday afternoons.

Exhibitions will be held at least once a year for all my students who wish to enter work

You are invited to a Grand Open Day on

7th January 2012

(11am – 4pm)

You will be able to view the new studio and book sessions at a discounted rate.

(If booked with a deposit before the end of my 1st opening week)

For more information, to book or request a copy of my new timetable and price list

Please either


or ring


Please feel free to pass this on


  1. Thats great news Janice, having the Mayor attend is great and hopefully get you a mention in the press too. Congratulations, look forward to hearing about it and seeing the photos in the new year.

  2. Janice, you're going from strength to strength, and not surprisingly. You're not so far away, so I'm hoping to visit you before too long. :)

    Rosie. xx