Friday, November 11, 2011

New Studio

I thought I would give you a sneak preview of my new studio, but I can only show you from the outside. There is currently items being stored in it that means I can't get a good photo, but hopefully I can show you later.

The studio is right down the bottom of this section around the corner, by the barns at the bottom. It is one of the worst places at the centre, as people sometimes don't get that far. But as I want to move their to get my workshops going better, then I wont be relying on people just dropping in so much, as they should be coming down to me specifically to take part in events. That doesn't mean I wont do everything I can to get them down there.
This will be my new front door,

The photo above was taken from this garden opposite my front door, which is lovely but massively underused by visitors.

So I have to paint the studio soon. I have also been thinking about how to fit in everything I want. As the workshops are the most important aspect then I need to sort out desk/tables. I can't use normal tables as I need the extra depth to get drawing boards on. We have been working out spacing and think I need 3 desks put together. I have been looking at these from Ikea

I also need to get some chairs, so that is my next search. I have to keep costs right down, so I am looking on ebay and will start trawling the charity shops for chairs I can paint. I probably need 6 for when we are doing lager work but 8 for other times, so I may get 6 and a couple of folding chairs. I looked on Ikea as I like some of the plastic ones, but they are just to expensive, with having to buy the tables and lots and lots of paint. I will stay mostly white in the studio as its the best for displaying art work, but I may go for a bit of splash of colour, but I have time to think about that so wont make a decision just yet.

I know it sounds silly but I am excited about having an indoor toilet and room for a fridge, some nice home comforts will not go amiss.

This does seem very serious now, before, in my little studio, it still felt like a bit of an indulgence, but I really have to get this right, if I don't want to fall flat on my face.


  1. Exciting news! Hope it all goes smoothly for you. What about stools instead of chairs? I have been to a few places with stools as you don't really lean back whilst you're painting, might be cheaper?

  2. Thanks Hannalore, I will think about that, I d have some older ladies that come so may do a mix of chairs and stools ...mmm interesting

  3. looks like a really nice place, and a lovely garden to inspire some painting!!! v. exciting :)