Saturday, November 26, 2011

Studio - doors, names and chairs

Well this week has been strange. There have been visitors coming to the centre, but not unfortunately through my door. I have no idea why but its very odd that people come all the way out to the centre, go into the 2 studios at the beginning then, don't go any further. Those that do make it further just don't come into my little space. I think there are 2 reasons for this, firstly I am having to keep my door shut ( brrrr), and even though I do have bigs signs saying please come in, I think people find it hard to go though any door with no window or limited view of what is behind.. Also I quite often hear people outside the door, read my studio name, 'Wellydog Gallery' and then say, 'Its only paintings", This leads me to think if its the word Gallery that puts people off. I used to be Wellydog Designs, but when I started to put my paintings into a Folksy shop, I needed a name just to distinguish between the 2 shops. Instantly I came up with gallery and it seemed appropriate so I went with it. This name just then came with me a year later when I set up my studio. So I am thinking when I move to my new studio I will change it. I wont give up Wellydog, I know a lot of people don't think its appropriate and doesn't imply what I am doing, but its personal to me and I really want to keep it.
So the choses so far are
  • Wellydog Art- studio and workshops
  • Wellydog - Studio and workshops
  • Wellydog - workshops and studio
  • Wellydog Art
  • Wellydog
Have I lost you yet or sent you to sleep? If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Talking of my new studio, I bought some furniture. I found this great site on the internet that sells off ex-business furniture. I bought 12 chairs from a lovely lady which unfortunately had to close her successful cafe, due to a lease problem. I bought them all for £48, this is what they look like.
Can you guess what colour I may paint a feature wall? ( still not totally decided yet).
The new studio is taking up a lot of my thinking time, and it has started to make me wonder about how much time I waste in other areas. I am particularly thinking about my folksy shop. I spend a lot of time promoting items that currently for various reasons, Folksy re-design problems and Christmas being a couple of them, don't sell. So I think I am going to have to stop promoting, my online work, while I concentrate on my studio relaunch and focus on advertising my workshops and art lessons, ready for the new year. I will keep my shop, I just will probably be very quiet for a while about it.

I have done my new timetable, for classes, which you can see on my website

I have a new banner that has just arrived to put up at the end of the road and I am starting to send out invites for my opening on the 7th.

I have been buying so much for the new studio that when I saw I needed new business cards, I worried abut the expense, so I set about making my own out of old art work, cut to the correct size with my details hand written on the back, hopefully they should keep me going until I need new ones.

What do you think??


  1. Love the chairs, look forward to pics of your new studio. Great idea for the business cards! I'm glad you keeping Wellydog, as the dog should be remembered! I'd go for Wellydog Studio.

  2. Love the idea of using the watercolours for your business cards, people will remember that and hopefully keep them, although it may be worth getting a stamp with the details so as not to have to write them all the time.

    If I was opting for one of your name suggestions I would go for Wellydog Art- studio and workshops I think, but with the Wellydog art more prominent and perhaps studio and workshops under that - gives good information and says who you are. I like Wellydog as a name makes you very unique and I have read why you have this name so that is cool too :-)

  3. I love the name Wellydog and its rememberable which is something thats great

    As for new studio name change - I like Wellydog - Studio and Workshops

    that way you can introduce other mediums esp if you do decide to rent out space :)

  4. As a name, I think Wellydog - Studio and Workshops is the best, it gives you flexibility and also avoids people not bothering to look at what you do as it's 'only paintings'! It might encourage them to come and see what it is you do.

    Love the gift tags they look great!

    It will be sad if you don't sell much online any more as we won't have the opportunity to see your new work, but obviously you only have so much time and have to use it in the best way to benefit your business. Do please keep blogging though, so we don't lose track of what you're up to!

  5. Love the chairs and the cards. I think that's a really good idea to use your old art work. As for a name, I also think Wellydog without the Art as it does allow you to expand and is perhaps more intriguing. I quite like Wellydog - workshops and studio. Vic x

  6. What is wrong with these people, If I lived near you I would never be away.

    I like Wellydog Art. Love your chairs, and the business cards are great, I still need some of those too but funds a little low.

    Do keep up the blogging side so we can watch your progress.


  7. Thankyou for your lovely comments, i will definitely carry on blogging and keep in touch with my online friends on the forums, just wont spend so much time listing and promoting x

  8. I love the business cards - totally unique and you will stick in people's minds because of them!
    I think Wellydog Art - Studio and Workshops is a name to be proud of. Anyone who thinks "only paintings" is not worthy of walking through your door anyway.

  9. Love the business cards! I like Wellydog, on its own or with - Studio and workshops. I agree with the others above, see it as leaving you space to expand, if you so wish, but also see it as drawing people in out of curiosity ;)