Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mess and Tearoom

I thought I would let you see the other side of my studio that I normally wouldn't show you. You can see that I have the essentials, a kettle and a sink, but no hot water and no room for a fridge. But it serves its purpose well.
I have a table by the door it has lots of bits of information on like a newsletter and comments book. People can leave their information if they want to be contacted with information about the centre. We are trying to build a good mailing list, Romy who makes handbags in her studio has a postal mailing list and I am now doing the e-mail list. We are going to produce a newsletter every month about the centre to send out, which should be good.
I you look close I have a stained glass mirror that I made a few years ago, I moved it a few weeks ago and it had a huge spider behind it, so its lucky it is still in one piece!!!
It is a mess under the table but I have tried using a cloth but it just falls off and is a pain so for the moment it is all on show.
I also have just been out a bought a piece of white vinyl that I am going to paint up and put as a banner at the bottom of the road, I am thinking it should say

Art Classes at Clevedon Craft centre and my phone number.

But I am worried that as its a mobile it will be to long and as people will only glimpse it when they pass by then it wont work, but e-mail is even longer, hopefully they will just come into the craft center and see for themselves, but its worth a try until the council remove it.

Dottie in the Tea room has asked me to do some pictures for her to display, I have done the tea and cake one that I showed yesterday, and today I started to paint the actual tea room itself. Its a long way to go yet but quite a good start I think.

I was also pleased today as someone went to a local gallery and asked about art classes and they sent her to me. She booked onto a beginners workshop this afternoon. It is nice people in Clevedon are starting to know about me.

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