Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Am I being indecisive? I'm not so sure!

What do you think of my latest work?  I am not sure, in fact the whole month has been one of indecision and procrastination.
I didn't originally intend to draw the boy,  but once I had painted the background then I loved the white empty space where I had left room for him.  But it was not clear as to what he was.  So I thought I would draw him in to give him that much needed clarity, instead of painting him.  I wont change it now but I am still undecided if I like or not.  Someone described it as looking like a ghost of a boy and that made me feel sad and maybe thats why I cant warm to it?

Remember this??

I loved doing it and had planned on doing a series of items on beach,  this was to be the next one,  

Seaweed, only it isn't...... as I painted over it, I really disliked the background it had no real substance, and the colour was wishy washy and  trying to change the background I ended up loosing my temper with it and painting over the whole thing!  Opps!!
I then  started painted peddles on a beach instead,  but I didn't like the colour and it seemed empty and boring

So yesterday I painted over it again!!! (sorry about the rotten picture,  hoping my new camera will come soon)
Its going to be driftwood on the beach,  well that is if I don't loose my temper again and paint over it

And this is one of the reasons I like watercolours,  once you have committed then there is no going back and changing your mind,  which I do a lot!  Thats the problem with acrylics,  I just slap paint over it and start again and goodness knows when it will get finished....if it gets finished

I am hoping when I get in the studio later I will be inspired to carry it on,  but more than likely I will dust and clean and put painting off as long as I can!

I did do one good thing I bought some acrylic inks.  I have only used them once so far but I think they are going to be good to work with, especially when I am in the mood for bright colour .  This was my test piece.

I should really work some more with it and see what I can really produce,  i m hoping it may loosen my work up a bit. Lets Hope March is a much more proactive month...

Janice x


  1. The inked poppy field is just gorgeous, a fab reminder that summer will come :)

  2. I love the poppies! I also like the little boy - he looks so excited to be by the sea. Strangely, my first thought was that he'd just thrown a ball for a little dog who was swimming just beyond the edge of the canvas...

  3. The boy struck me as being in the imagination of the person who, as adult is looking at the beach and sea, and remembering and re-living their childhood joy of being on the beach.