Monday, March 4, 2013

New paintings and Toys

This painting is progressing quite well,  I will probably finish it this week.

I was also playing again with the acrylic inks this week.  I am really starting to like them,  and how they can be mixed on the page. I also love how they cover and flow.  I don't think they will replace my beloved watercolours but they are definitely fun!

My new toys arrived,  the camera is fab-ul-ous.  The pictures below were taken on it but not the pictures above.  The photos are so much brighter and although I haven't really used it properly yet I am really excited about the zoom.

My mount cutter also arrived and I have been like a kid with a new toy.  I know it makes me a very sad person,  but its the little pleasures in life that make it so much fun.  
I felt my paintings were not being done justice by with my awful second hand frames and terrible cut mounts,  so now I can get great results with the mounts every time,  I have been and splurged on some new frames.  I am going for a clean,  black frame and white mount on all of my pictures from now on.

I started by framing my angel painting,  which has been waiting in the back of my studio for probably 6 months now to be finished and I also framed my waves painting, this one was in a nice wooden frame but a terrible double mount that did it no justice.
My prices will now reflect the better framing.  I know I have been under pricing as I felt I couldn't ask the real price because of the framing,  but it was definitely counter productive.  Not only by framing badly but also by under valuing my work.  If I had my time again and I couldn't afford the good frames I think I would just mount them and string them up in a creative way rather than use the bad frames.  Slowly everything will get reframed.  I can't do it all at once, but hopefully I should have enough soon to make a much cleaner and better display.

Its amazing that even after 18 months there is so much to learn about how to present the work and how to make the most of my space.  I am starting to suspect that it is a on going thing and that I will never be satisfied and always striving to make things look better/different all the time

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