Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Improved image ?

I am not completed yet ,  but I have been working hard over the last week to make some new signs and try and make the studio look a bit more classy.

I have blogged about my previous problems and had great support from the online Craft community in previous posts here ------>http://wellydog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/help-needed-for-curb-appeal.html  and here ----->  http://wellydog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/full-steam-ahead.html

Today I put my first signs up.  My carpentry skills are not good so how long they will stay up until I can get the Fab Mr WD up to the studio, to get it sorted properley,  who knows.  We had lovely sunshine today so they didn't photograph as well as I had hoped,  but I hopefully you can get a good impression of the finished result.

This is walking up to my studio

 I have a new sign on the fence which will be permanently out

and my A board which will just come out when I am open.  The colours I chose were Grey and green although in the sun today the grey look purple,  but as purple and green compliment each other I don't have a problem with that. They do look more of a contrast in real life.

Then as you turn the corner you see this.  Ideally I would like to paint the door in the Grey and I will ask,  but its unlikely they will let me, but hopefully when we get a lovely summer the door will be open a lot anyway, so you wont see it as much.

My old sign has been framed..... sort off

and I found an old garden chair that was broken in my shed which has now been painted and a few props added.  More plants will come I have just planted up and old galvanised bucket with some daffs in, so hopefully they will look great out there as well soon.

All the old banners have gone....Yay!!   and I have just got hold of a palette to paint another sign on that will go on the fence by the Chair.

I decided not to distress the paint.  I have spray varnished everything,  but I know it will wear anyway and I think I would prefer a natural look to the distressing than me try and make it look distressed,  only time will tell I guess.

I still have a few things to do,  clean up the door and get rid of the leaflets in the door.  I have to get a plastic leaflet holder for out doors, then I wont need to put my leaflets like that in the window for when I am not there.

Overall,  I am quite pleased, but
I would be interested to know if you think all of this so far, is an improvement or not?


  1. I love it so far. I like the classic look of it and I agree that it may 'distress' in time and will still look good. The picture frame looks brilliant :)
    Jan x

  2. Morning Janice, it all looks absolutely lovely and I'm very envious! It must be lovely to have a separate space to paint and create. Lets all hope for a fantastic summer, so you can have the door open and lots of lovely sunshine! When I come down to visit friends in Weston maybe I can pop in and see you!

  3. I love the chair and the Welcome sign set-up at the door - very friendly. It may be because of the sunlight but I found the bigger signs hard to read. White on the blue-grey may not be eye-catching enough. Good luck with the new look.

  4. I thought I'd pay a return visit! I must say it all looks very welcoming and I love the calmness that you have projected with the colours and style. I know that you have worked so hard with all of this and I am glad it's all coming together so well.