Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bad Day and Goldfish Tea

What a couple of weeks,  I  have not been well.....everyone say Aawww.  Bad cold turned to chest infection and I am finally feeling normalish again.  Well at least I thought I was when I went into the studio this morning?

But I wasn't obviously firing on all cylinders.  I arrived early to get the heating on and I don't know what had happened yesterday but the place was full of leaves....lots and lots of leaves.  In all fairness in the corner we are, just a little breeze and they are all in, in a flash.  So  out came the broom.
I had put all of my heaters on so to preserve the heat I shut the door,  Yes you have guessed it,  I forgot to put the latch on and I had successfully locked myself out.   The landlady lives on site so I thought no problem I will wake her and he husband up at 8;45 on a Saturday morning... sure they wont mind!!  Well they didn't as it happens, it turns out they are in Barbados!!  So I was stranded.

The centre was empty and no one else comes in before 10am.  I couldn't phone Greg who has the only other spare key as my phone with his number in, was locked in my studio.  I was starting to think that I would just have to send my students home when I spotted the landladies sister so I grabbed her and luckily she had the key to my landladies house and could access the spare key.  Phew with minutes to spare I was in.  Luckily  my students had got stuck behind a tractor coming into the tiny somerset roads and were held up.
Obviously I need to leave a spare key in one of the other studios so at least I would have been able to get in at 10am when they arrived.

Then after the session I left all my money at the studio, and I need to pay it in into the bank  so had to go back to the studio.
I  then lost my phone... thankfully MR WD rang it and it was on my car floor.  Oh dear I wish I had stayed in bed.

Painting wise this week I dabbled in surrealism......  I know  a bit strange but there is a logical explanation..honestly!!!

I joined  a fab internet site called Paint my Photo.  I joined as getting copyright free reference photos , especially for my students is difficult.  This site gets photographers to put there photos on and artists are encourage to paint from them. Fab reference material.  You should check them out

Anyway they set a monthly challenge and this month is to produce a surrealism picture using as many reference photos from PMP as you like.  So yesterday a bit fed up and feeling sorry for myself I decided to give it a go and this is what I come up with


Actually the 2 photos I chose was a cup of coffee and some Koi carp,  but who's being picky about the title...!!

I loved doing it,  it was quick and lots of fun....

So next time you are having a cuppa just double check out whats in the bottom of your cup!

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