Monday, February 25, 2013

Bonuses and gadgets

I have had a lot of positive feedback about my new signs and some not so positive.  A few people have commented that they cant see the colours properly and they think the contrast is not eye catching enough. And I do sort of agree.  I did wonder if it was the photos, but I did have one of the other studio owners say the same.  But I think I am going to stick with it.  It wouldn't take much for me to paint over the lettering with a cream or white rather than the green at a later date,  so I am just going to sit on it for a while and see what happens.

I thought I would try and get a better photo to show you , this is the best I can get..........

.....and highlights one of my problems.  My camera!! Its rubbish,  it was great when it was new a couple of years ago,  but it has been slowly falling apart.  We have always been happy with the little Fujifilm cameras we have had, so when we bought it we went for one again with a Finepix JV.  But this one broke  and is held together with a huge elastic band ( or the battery drops out )  It has served me well and has taken most of the pictures you have seen on here and on my FB page and website.  But it seems to be struggling to focus and the pictures can be very dark. So I needed a new one.  I also have a fantastic Canon EOS digital SLR,  which I inherited when my OH upgraded his camera and I can get amazing pictures with it,  but frankly its so heavy and bulky,  it very rarely comes out.  I have become lazy and always use it on the auto setting, because unlike Mr Wellydog what I am photographing generally doesn't need that attention to detail. I find it difficult to retain the technical knowledge needed and an O level in Photography 35 years ago, does not mean I can remember how to use aperture priority or worry about depth of field???  So I have ordered a canon, but a nice compact one with a good zoom lens.  I opted for the Canon Powershot 240,  it seems to get good reviews and when I saw one in action I was very impressed with the zoom and the quality of image.......and the bonus,  It comes in Pink!

We looked at online deals,  but surprisingly the camera shop around the corner from MR Wellydogs work had the best deal.  He could have just popped in and bought the black one,  but had to order the Pink one in.  It should arrive either today or tomorrow so I am well excited.

I have also ordered a Logan 650-1 mount cutter.  I am so fed up of the little hand held one and cutting them throwing them away and then having to get them cut by someone else.  I have been struggling to find framers who will just cut mounts at a reasonable price.  They want you to buy the frames to, I guess thats where the money is.

Anyway you may wonder why the spending spree, when I am usually moaning I have no money.  Its nearly the end of my financial year. I have yet to take any wages and so we sat down last week and worked out whats what, and realised I can give myself a little bonus. Its not huge and in the grand scheme of things its a pittance for a years work, but it feel so good to be able to say I have made a profit, especially as the business is only 18 months old.  I do wish I was the type of person that could  treat myself to something nice and girly,  but all I wanted was a camera and a mount cutter!!!!!!!


  1. Aww well done Janice, a small profit is great! I think it is lovely that you want to treat yourself to something practical, buying something girly and frivolous would seem like such a waste when you have worked so hard! Besides, your camera is pink!!! and that is what is important here, it's lovely! :)

  2. Thats great you have turned a profit however small. Well done, im so glad your gamble is paying off.
    I am a gadget fan and any spare pennies go towards things like that.

    Gill x

  3. Congrats - any profit is better than none. I don't know if you are doing tax on your business but the items you bought are expenses and could be written off. I know I would rather spend money on supplies than on 'girlie' things. - good luck.