Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Grand Day out

Yesterday was such a gloriously sunny day we decided to do a "Grand Day out' in the beautiful city of Bath.

We have lived not that far from Bath for years and in fact at one stage, I used to work one a day a week in the city itself, but as with everything on your door step, you don't always appreciate its beauty. So with Cameras in hand we decided to take a proper look at Bath.

The day started with the journey, we didn't want to be stuck on the motoway so took the A368, a beautiful country route, through small villages such as Sanford , home to Thatchers cider ( yes, we resisted the call of the shop), Blagdon with its water garden center and the lovely villages of Bishops Sutton and Harptree.

On our way we decided to stop at the church by the Mill pond. We have passed it for years and have no real idea of what it is, just that its a beautiful building by the side of the main road that we have caught glances at for years.
It sits in the village of Rickford not far from Blagdon. To take the pictures we did take our live in our hands a bit walking up the side of the road with no footpaths and very fast traffic whizzing by.

Arriving near Bath we caught the park and ride bus into the centre, so much easier than trying to park in a city with small streets and confusing onen way system
Of course in one day we couldn't do the city justice especially as I did want to wander around the shops. So we just did some of the highlights. You can't miss beautiful Bath Abbey, as its smack in the centre of the city. It has great carvings over the front entrance. Look closely at the photo on the left hand side and you will see angels climbing to heaven, and one not so pleasant looking one, heading down.

Don't forget to head down to the weir and have boat trip down the river.
We shopped till we dropped and took loads of photos, but most importantly, Mr Wellydog has promised to take me back to the brand new Spa, so I can luxuriate in the pool on the top of the building and maybe have a nice relaxing massage.

Of course a grand day out doesn't finish until you are home. So we stopped off on our way home by the stunning Chew valley lake. The valley was flooded in the 195o's and apparently you are able to see bit of the old buildings when there is low water.
Now it is a wildlife haven and if you have read my previous blog you will know I can't resist seeing swans, so it was the perfect end to a brilliant day.


  1. It all looks beautiful, I wish I was near enough to go there for a day out.

  2. great pics! specially the angels climbing, i've never seen anything like em before