Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birdy eggs

Our children bought Mr Wellydog a bird box with a camera in a few years ago. They really do give us great presents. The first year we had nothing , not that we really expected any. Then last year we had a Great tit who laid eggs,. They hatched, but unfortunately the chicks all died before they could fledge, we don't know why but suspect that the mother got killed and so they didn't get fed.

So it is with some trepidation that we are now watching another Great Tit this year who has being building up and fluffing the nest with feathers. Then at the weekend we were excited to discover some eggs had arrived,
I thought you might like to see them. I do apologise for the quality of photo as I had to take them of our telly screen.


  1. That's brilliant :D I'd never even have known these magical boxes existed, I just wait for the wildlife shows!
    *fingers crossed* we get to see some baby birdies emerging and leaving the nest.

  2. Oh, how exciting. I hope the babies make it this time - look forward to more pics.

  3. That's wonderful, I do hope you will blog with photos of the chicks, and let's hope they survive this year. The hard winter must have killed a lot of our garden birds, so I hope the survivors will all do well this year.

  4. The pics are wonderful, absolutely fascinating