Monday, April 5, 2010

Turtle inspirations

I have just completed a turtle necklace. This is a project I have been thinking about sometime.

I fell in love with these beautiful creatures when I had the privilege of swimming with them in the wild. They are not only very beautiful but they are so graceful and extremely quick if they don't want you to see them

I have held baby turtles and after they were reared in a cage in the Ocean ( to protect them until they are big enough to survive in the Wild) I was lucky enough to be able to release them into the wild. This is a successful program that sees previous years turtles returning and coming very close.


  1. Great blog, love your interpretation of the turtle in silver.

  2. Gorgeous, both the turtles and your silver one. How wonderful it must have been to swim with turtles.

  3. aw i love turtles, how cool to have been able to swim in the wild with them! love the necklace too :) x

  4. Lovely pictures and your turtle necklace is beautiful!! I love it!
    I love swimming in the sea :D

  5. Fantastic! Such beautiful and majestic creatures!

    Adore your pendant! Stunning!

    Natalie x