Friday, April 9, 2010

Folksy Friday

So many choices of beautiful things, I don't know where to begin... I know what about Turtles!!!! to keep my little turtle company see turtle I have chosen;

Shelley the sea turtle by Rosieplumpton

Birthday card by Tiny Love Hair Clips

Little turtle coin purse by Girl of the Sixties


  1. Oh lovely choices!
    I have just made a felt turtle keyring... a little too late now though haha!
    Love that coin purse x

  2. Cute turtles, love the hairclasp card :0)

  3. Very cute turles, esp the knitted turtle! and the turtle purse. Kx

  4. Very lovely. That's the 2nd turtle reference today - my neighbours just come back from hols in The States and was talking about big turtles crossing the road!