Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You were right!

Having lived with my signs for a week or so I have to admit to being wrong!!  yes you heard right!  ..........The green text on the Grey background on my signs just wasn't standing out enough.  
I had decided to change it when I painted my palette sign,  but only got round to re-painting the text on the existing signs yesterday.  Its not as Nice ( I don't think) but certainly stands out more and so that is more important than my own personal taste.  I have obviously been listening to Alex Polizzi on the fixer,  about it being a business not my own house!!

The palette sign made its way up to the studio yesterday for its final spray varnish.  I was going to hang it on the fence,  but my skills in such things are not good and I worried that the fence wouldn't support it. So Mr WD will have to come down to check it out.  But I am quite liking it just propped up.  What do you think?

I am not sure its working as intended though as five minutes after I put it out a lady came by,  I watched her take time to read it, and then she walked away!!  haha not a good start!

My mount cutter arrived at the end of last week and its blooming brilliant!  I have been busy with it and so far a perfect mount each time and thats even allowing for my terrible maths in working out the border size.  I am getting more work up on the walls,  through the winter I have been a bit lazy and not rearranged things as regularly as I should. 

I am also very very pleased with my new camera,  the pictures are bright and clear. but the zoom is amazing.

Check out these I took, the details are great, I was quite a way away from the duck so even more impressive!

I have also been thinking about my teaching advertising and have with the help of Mr Wellydog realised there is a bit of a gap in my marketing.  When people visit my website,  they can check out a few bits of students work and occasional quotes that I sometime put on,  but they can also see a student gallery with my students most recent work on. 

 But if they come in the studio,  unless they come during a class,  then there is no student work for them to see.  I don't really want to drag out part finished work out the back, as unless you are a painter you sometimes can't see the potential of a piece.  So we have decided to make a photo book that I can leave in the studio for people to browse through.  I have asked some students if they will talk a bit about the studio, my teaching or about what a particular painting meant to them.  I hope this will show case some of their work but also give me a valuable tool to use to promote lessons.  The aim is to get it done by arts week in May.  I have started to try and take some photos so hopefully I get get it under way very soon.

Have a good week and catch up soon

Janice x

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  1. It is looking good Janice. There is always so much work to do when setting up a gallery and teaching space. Just remember nothing is cast in stone - you can tweak things all the time.