Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring has arrived...nearly!

This week we had a bit of excitement as a young man called Jack came to film us at the centre.  He is doing some sort of media studies degree and asked if he could film the centre for a project.  If the promo video is ok then we can use it on our website,  so that will be good.

And Spring Finally arrived with a lovely bright sunny day where we could work outside and keep our doors open.

It then promptly left and we are hoping it will come back soon as its freezing again..  Brr is that snow I see this morning?

I also thought I had better do a recce for my Weekend course.

In July and September I am running courses where we will spend a day on the beach and a day in  the studio working from the sketches we did on the beach.

I wanted to see where we would park and how we would organise getting lunch.  Dottie is doing me a quote for lunches, but also wanted to compare it with local little cafes.  I also needed to find sheltered spots for when it rains ( coz its bound to).

I am started to get enquiries so I can no longer ignore organising it   :-)

Anyway its a bit hectic at the moment with 2 beginners courses and the regular sessions as well as trying to get a body of work up for Arts weeks,  especially as I sold the only piece I had done for it so far!!  It was an offer I couldn't refuse!

So I will love you and leave you and catch up next week

Janice x


  1. it sounds like life is lots of fun for you right now - good luck with your classes.

  2. So pleased everything is busy - your classes sound good - we are enjoying another spring tease day - it will arrive soon, just wish it wasn't so cold even with the sunshine!