Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trying to get back on track

I finally got some of my Mojo back,  I painted the Lighthouse lens below.  I love painting reflections and I think this may be the start of a new obsession,  but only time will tell.  I have very little time at the moment to paint.  
Lessons are still going well,  but I am still lagging behind with my advertising and although my beginners course is starting to get some interest, and some bookings,  I need to do a bit of a push next week.  I do have a bit of a open day on Saturday to celebrate being at the craft Centre a year, I am not expecting loads of people but it will be nice to meet a few of my future students and catch up with a few people who I haven't seen for a while.  Of course its also a good opportunity to have a glass of wine or two.  I am hoping a couple of people who have show interest will come along and maybe sign up.

I have done a step by step slide show of how I Painted the Lens picture on You tube.  Click the screen below and you should be able to see it

 I have also been doing odd bits and pieces as I feel I need some more small items to sell in the studio,  I think the more variety the better

So here are my new additions.  Notebooks that I have handmade and covered with light card printed with some of my pictures.  I will also be listing them on Folksy so look out for them.

Also some writing sets,  I know these wont be that popular online as,  most people online don't write letters any more,  but I am hoping they will make good gifts sets and also appeal to my older visitors. at the centre

Well sorry its not a massive catch up,  but hopefully things should ease soon and I will b able to get back to blogging more often


  1. Janice your painting is stunning and the you tube video too. Happy 1st anniversary. Id come to your classes if I lived neader. Good luck with them


  2. Lovely painting Janice, happy studio anniversary :)

  3. Happy anniversary! I love the notebooks, will definitely look out for those. I have your little seascape at the bottom of my stairs and it makes me smile every day to see it. X

  4. Thankyou so much,

    I am so pleased you like it Clare :-)